President Daniel J. Adams
Vice President, Finance
Anthony Long

Vice President, Accounting Open
Vice President At Large Lisa Chiplis
Secretary James Kappel
Treasurer Candi Lorenzo


Community Service Committee
Chairperson(s): Sandy Arnold and Vickie Johnson
Description: None

Competition Package – 5-Star Committee
Toya Graham and Terri Caraballo
The 5-Star Committee Chair and Co-Chair are responsible for tracking all ASMC activities annually. This entails an understanding of the Chapter Competition Rules and Reporting Guidelines, as well as coordinating with each committee chairperson regarding details of their activities throughout the year.  Additionally, the 5-Star Committee Chair and Co-Chair are responsible for ensuring the ASMC Committee’s general and administrative information is up-to-date on the ASMC website.

Corporate Sponsorship Committee
Chairperson(s): Pablo Morales
Description: The Corporate Sponsorship Committee keeps close commutations with our Active Sponsors. We provide them updates on when our ASMC luncheon that occurs once a month. The committee also provides speaking opportunities during our luncheon or at a sponsors ASMC event.

Early Career Committee
Jeronna Bolden
The Early Career Committee is a new ASMC committee established in 2017 to assist members early in their career (or just early in their DFAS career) with networking and mentoring.  Be on the lookout for events including resume workshops, community service projects, happy hours, book clubs, speaker sessions, and more!

Education Committee – Certification
Chairperson(s): Gregory Starks, Tenia Williams-Beasley, and Geraldine Jackson
Description: None

Education Committee – Professional Development Conference (PDC)
Truda Gregory, Michael McKnight, and Tonya Patterson
The Education Committee assists with planning and publicizing the bi-annual, Professional Development Conference (PDC).   The committee identifies and coordinates with the speakers, works with the ASMC and AGA Indianapolis presidents to establish PDC dates.  Additionally, the committee coordinates the “logistics” related to the PDC.  Such  “logistics” include: creating announcement flyers; obtaining speakers’ presentation material; introducing speakers during the PDC; consolidating the attendees list and payment methods (from DFAS Operations, the DFAS Strategy and Support Directorate, and the US Army Finance Command); planning the PDC luncheon menu; and coordinating the rental reimbursement with the host facility.

Facilities Committee
David Martinez and Adelia Borders
The ASMC Facilities Committee works directly with the local Chapter President and Board to determine dates for the monthly luncheons. The committee submits requests to reserve the auditorium; works with ticket sellers to collect funds from luncheon tickets sold; coordinates with Southern Food for menu selecting; works with the chapter Treasurer for payment of luncheons; and publishes advertising announcements for the monthly ASMC luncheons.

Membership Committee
Gregory Starks
The Membership Committee ensures that memberships are active and assists with new ASMC Indianapolis Chapter member enrollments.  The Membership Committee conducts bi-annual membership drives, notifies existing members on their membership status (if nearing expiration), and submits articles/pictures to the Newsletter Committee on chapter activities.

Military & Veterans Support Committee
Chairperson(s): Rafael Lorenzo Jr.
Description: The Military Committee bridges that gap between the Military and Civilian Workforce at Fort Benjamin Harrison. It ensures that the Military currently stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison and serving the FM community has services and training provided to those ASMC members. The Committee also participates in reaching out to the Veteran community by hosting golf outings to raise money and awareness for Veteran organizations; the annual Veterans luncheon in November which has a guest speaker who is active in the Veteran community, an Annual Military Holiday Breakfast that opens the doors to Vets and Military in the local area, and an Annual Christmas collection for troops families who have fallen on hard times and can use the lift during the Holiday season.  Several Veteran organizations the Military Committee has worked with in the past few years are: Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation (HVAF), United Services Organizations (USO), Save our Veterans (SAV).  Additionally, several non-Vet organizations who have touched Veterans lives: Back on my Feet and Second Helpings.

Newsletter Committee
Chairperson(s): Sharon Kohara 
Description: The Newsletter Committee publishes the ASMC Indianapolis Chapter Quarterly Newsletter; Trackside Notes. The newsletter seeks to highlight the activities conducted by chapter members, distribute information about upcoming events and national chapter news, and provide an outlet for wide distribution of the ASMC Indianapolis Chapter President’s Message.

Programs Committee
Jeff Kirby and Mike McCarty
The Program Committee recruits and supports speakers for the ASMC Indianapolis Chapter’s Professional Development events.  This includes  coordinating the building security entry for each speaker as needed; audio visual set up; assisting with speakers’ presentations; escorting speakers; writing programs/scripts for master of ceremonies as needed; assisting with luncheon charts; assisting with special functions and events when asked (e.g., Military and Veteran’s day ceremonies and holidays) and collaborating with Site Support Facilities to ensure all proper building protocol has been followed.   The monthly Professional Development Events includes planning themes and obtaining decorations.  Co-chairs also help with set up/cleanup of décor for monthly events.  Lastly, the Program Committee collaborates with the Publicity Committee on advertising events.  This may include providing information on upcoming events so that items can be places in the lobbies for mass notification and also the Daily News.

Publicity Committee
Chairperson(s): Angie Hamilton and Robin Mack
Description: None

Scholarship Committee
Chairperson(s): Marie Gingras and Carlisa Sowards
Description: The Scholarship Committee handles the Chapters Continuing Education and High School Scholarships in the Spring, and the Military Committee Bradley Esposito Scholarship in the Fall. The Scholarship Committee is responsible to market the scholarship, prepare and review each Scholarship (score and rank application packages received), prepare certificates to be awarded to the winners at the May/June Luncheon, contact high school winners to obtain name and address of college/university to send the scholarship award check. Provide this information to the treasurer, and notify the treasurer to prepare Continuing Education winner check to be presented at the May/June luncheon. The Continuing Education and High School Scholarships prerequisites include that their field of study is related to comptroller-ship (business administration, economics, public administration, accounting, finance, etc.). The Military Committee Bradley Esposito Scholarship includes that they must be serving, Enlisted, and that their field of study is related to comptroller-ship (business administration, economics, public administration, accounting, finance, etc.).

Social Events Committee
Chairperson(s): Erica Porter
Description: None

Webmaster Committee
Joshua J. Adams 

Description: The Webmaster Committee manages the website’s domain name, hosting, the look, design, and feel of the website.  Additionally, the committee posts and manages all the content that goes on the website, while ensuring the content is relevant, accurate, and up-to date.

Social Media Committee
Chairperson(s): Joshua J. Adams and Erica Porter
Description: Managing and contributing to ASMC social media websites; Facebook and Twitter. These applications enable members to share content or to participate in an active conversation.

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